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Key words -  generation gap - differences of outlook or opinion between people of different generations , attitude - viewpoint, blindly -as if blind, misunderstanding - difference / quarrel, reflection -  indication  / impression, belief - conviction / creed, broad - minded - tolerant or liberal in one's views and reactions, to disapprove - to dislike / to object to, mutual - reciprocal, open - minded - willing to change, wisdom - the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment

5.   Dopuniti vežbu  Vocabulary na strani 116 ( na dnu strane ) sa rečima  i izrazima attitudes, blindly, reflection, mutual, make an effort, open - minded.

Pronaći antonime sledećih reči  iz teksta

  • disrespectful     ⇼
  • objective  ⇼
  • to disapprove ⇼
  • loud    ⇼ 
  • angry  ⇼
  • to allow   ⇼
  • wise   ⇼
  • responsibility  ⇼
  • tolerant   ⇼
  • to agree   ⇼   

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Word formation - Negative prefixes ( Negativni prefiksi stoje ispred prideva i nekih  glagola i menjaju im značenje ).

word formation: negative prefixes * learn English - » angielskispecun + adjective  / verb

dis + adjective / verb

Imajte u vidu da prefiks IM - stoji ispred reči koje počinju sa M ili P.

Prepisati ove primere i uraditi vežbu broj 3 na strani 119.

7.Pročitati tekst na strani 122 i prepisati ključne reči.

Key words - 

wealthy - having a great deal of money, resources, or assets; rich,

humble -  having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance, 

to nod - lower and raise one's head slightly and briefly, especially in greeting, assent, or understanding, or to give someone a signal,

stream - a small, narrow river,

edge - the outside limit of an object, area, or surface; verge / brink / border 

property - a thing or things belonging to someone; possessions collectively, 

to appreciate - recognize the full worth of

8. Uraditi vežbu broj 1 na strani 123 , dopuniti praznine sa rečima :  humble, edge ,stream, property , appreciate .   Zatim uraditi vežbu broj 3 na istoj strani - povezati reči sa antonimima ( rečima suprotnog značenja ).

9. Sufiksi - ful / -less se koriste kada želimo da od imenica napravimo prideve, npr. hope - hopeful / hopeless. Na najveći broj reči možemo dodati ili  jedan ili  drugi nastavak , ali ima i onih na koje ne možemo dodati oba, npr. noise - noiseless, ali ne postoji *noiseful.

 Uraditi vežbu broj jedan  na strani 126, odnosno popuniti tabelu sa odgovarajućim oblicima .

10. Pročitati tekst Fashion through the decades na strani 128. Iz svakog pasusa odnosno decenije počev od 1950 - ih godina  izdvojiti osnovne karakteristike stila, izgled, frizure,obuću...
1950 - gloves and  small hats , synthetic fabrics , short hair, noticeable make - up...      I tako za svaku deceniju.

11.  Uraditi vežbe broj 1 i  broj 2 na strani 129. U prvoj vežbi potrebno je zameniti podvučene reči sa rečima iz liste sa desne strane . U drugoj vežbi potrebno je pronaći sinonime  datih reči , koji se takođe nalaze u listi.

12. Dopuniti rečenice sa sledećim rečima : stream, blindly, edge, humble ,reflection, property, open - minded i mutual.

  1. It was a stupid move to walk _____________  through such wild country.
  2. He could see her ______________, but not the look in her eyes.
  3. The sound of the trickling _____________ joined with the voices of birds waking to face the new day.
  4. Welcome to my ____________ abode!
  5. Martha inherited the _______________ from her grandfather.
  6. The rain got it started and then the ____________ of the cliff gave way.
  7. It was a terrific speech and they both nodded in _______________ agreement.
  8. Be flexible and ________________ when the feedback starts coming in.

13. Pročitati tekst The importance of friendship  na strani 131 i uraditi vežbu na vrhu strane  u kojoj se zahteva da tvrdnje označite sa tačno ili netačno. Nakon toga popunite tabelu sa antonimima ( suprotno značenje ) datih prideva . Koristite pomoć 







 14. Uraditi vežbe broj 1 i broj 2 na strani 133.

15. https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/english-grammar-reference/quantifiers

Quantifiers with count and uncount nouns

We can use these quantifiers with both count and uncount nouns:
a lot of
lots of

Littlea littlefewa few

some and any

We do not normally use the quantifier some in negative and interrogative sentences. We normally use any:
Do you have any children?
Did you see any friends?
didn't see any friends.
We saw some lions at the zoo, but we didn't see any tigers.
but we can use some for offers and requests:
Would you like some tea?
I want some apples, please.

Quantifiers with uncount nouns

Some quantifiers can be used only with uncount nouns:
(not) mucha little
Would you like a little wine?
 How much money have you got?

Uraditi vežbu 1 na strani 136. 

16. Pročitati tekst The burden of the past  na stranama  138 i 139. Nakon  toga označiti 6 rečenica u vezi sa tekstom  sa tačno ili netačno .


17. Pročitati  tekst Your destination this year - Serbia na stranama 145 i 146, prepisati reči iz odeljka Glossary i prevesti sve reči koje se nalaze u pravougaoniku odmah ispod naslova.

18. Dopuniti rečenice sa sledećim rečima : spa, rafting, expensive, accommodation, luxurious, relaxing, exciting, picturesque, peak.
  1. I cannot think of anything more _____________than living in a mansion with maids and servants.
  2. The town has a ________, whose waters are efficacious in rheumatic affections and diseases of the skin.
  3. Have a picnic on the riverbank or try white water ____________ which is available in the area.
  4. It should have been an  ____________ discovery.
  5. It was then devoted to the  _________________ of the students of the Royal Naval College.
  6. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau both climbed the ______  multiple times. 
  7. While waiting for the food to arrive, we were happy to sit and chat in the _______________surroundings.
  8. His gray suit looked _______________ and the silk tie added a touch of elegance.
  9. It lies on the south side of the Bukken Fjord, and has a ______________ harbour well sheltered by islands.

19.  Natural wonders
Pročitati tekst na strani 152 i odgovoriti na  6 pitanja.

➤ Metals

Pročitati tekst  Metals , prepisati  i prevesti  nepoznate pojmove .
Special terms - extract, volatile, gangue, burden, impurity, ore, affinity, abundance, pig iron - sirovo gvožđe, blast furnace, flux, slag - šljaka, brittleness, cast iron, steel, wrought iron.



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